Happy New Year

My new year started with trips to the stores to stock up on yarn for the many baby projects I want to make.  So far, there are 8 friends pregnant!!! I got almost everything at JoAnn’s during their sale but needed to get a few rolls for my first C2C that I just started.  They didn’t have the yarn I needed so I went across the street to Michael’s (I was in a different town to go strawberry picking with my youngest 3).  I loved that the two stores were so close.  Mine are about 20-30 min away. Unfortunately Michael’s didn’t have either! After searching Walmart, Michael’s, JoAnn’s and Red Heart online I was panicked!!

I took a drive to my local Walmart and found the last of the colors (Red Heart with Love: Minty and Papaya)!

After getting home, I had all intentions of continuing my C2C blanket.  As I was checking the FB page  Crochet Addict 1, I came a crossed posts about #TemperatureBlankets.  I had never heard of it before.  After reading up and following other posts about it, I was “hooked” (sorry).

I have spent the rest of the night trying to figure out the colors I would want to represent.  Most of my yarn is pastel.  Plus I want the final product to look good with colors I like!  Most I have seen start with red, orange, yellows, greens, blues and purples.

I came a crossed many cool posts and images people use to organize.  I am still working on my organization.  I am going to head back to JoAnn’s tomorrow (last day of big yarn sale-I still have coupons + teacher discount). This blogger had some great suggestions that I will use too Stitching in the Woods

I am also debating on doing a regular sc blanket, C2C or Granny Square.  I have done a few Granny Square blankets and a little bored but I think logistically (space) and mentally (how wide do I go), it might be best to make the Granny Squares.  If I do, then I will steal the idea of Highs/Lows for the day for the two rounds. I know that I want to stock up on white (for the centers-that I can make ahead) and whatever colors are in the 90s and 80s!!! Regardless of what type of blanket I crochet, I do want to use grey for rainy days, white for days with frost not he ground (maybe 3 days total, lol) and black for severe storm days.

Here is a photo that I actually like all the colors!pretty colors Temperature blanket yarn ideas

Welcome to my first post for my crochet projects! I will add photos and stories later of what I have done in the past year, since I learned how to crochet (Oct 2014).


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